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Once upon a time, there lived an APD Detective named Jarrett Crippen who liked to dress up and scare the neighborhood kids. One year, his friends and neighbors helped him build a haunted house so big and so popular they had to close the streets; the news crews even came. His wife suggested they find a larger location and give the event social meaning by donating the proceeds to charity. In the first year, the haunt raised $1,000 ... READ MORE 

CLIENT INTERVIEW: Jacquie Roberts Diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer
How did you learn about BCRC?   
When I was first diagnosed, I researched the Web for any reasonable information available to me.  l found organizations nationwide. l contacted several. Soon, l realized an organization in another state, staffed with volunteers who had not had cancer and some who knew only of what they read would not be appropriate for me. l needed someone with that...been there, done that kind of information. While referrals were helpful, the rubber hit the road when l came across the Breast Cancer Resource Center. I was told that the staff was of women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives. That's when I relaxed a bit ... READ MORE
PROGRAMS: Support Groups for Metastatic Women
by Dianna Petrick, BCRC Director of Mission Services
The BCRC offers many groups, but this month, we want to focus on the three groups for our metastatic women, the IV League, Lotus Fourum and the IV League Williamson County. Our supports groups provide women with a safe place to meet and share their challenges after a breast cancer diagnosis. They fill a need that we donâ��t always know we have. Women come to realize they do not have to face this diagnosis alone, and learn to reduce their anxiety and fear this diagnosis alone, and learn to reduce their anxiety and fear. Our groups can alleviate some symptoms of ... READ MORE
RESEARCH: Inroads Against Breast Cancer
by Carsten Kampe, MD, PhD, FACP | Medical Oncologist, Hermatologist
Texas Oncology
Twenty years ago when I was a mere MD PhD fellow at UCLA growing cancer cells in Petri dishes, with lofty hopes of making inroads against cancer, I had little idea just how far we would come in the next couple of decades â�� or that Dr. Slamon, whoâ��s lab was down the hall from mine, would be instrumental in the development of Herceptin, a major breakthrough for a subset of breast cancers. My project involved enhancing immunogenicity in human cancer cells by gene transfer, the Holy Grail, in my mind, of enhancing the bodyâ��s own immune system to fight off cancer... READ MORE
U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S
Saturday, September 21st 
The Pink Poker Run

Wednesday, September 25th
Locally Pink Power Hour Session 
Tuesday, October 1st
Locally Pink Kicks-Off!
Thursday, October 10th
Scare for a Cure Haunt Opens
Saturday, October 26th
The Texas Mamma Jamma Ride