I had been living on "the spin-cycle" for over a year before I met my patient navigator in the sanctuary of the St. David's library. We talked. She listened a lot. She got me equipped for my mission with the 101 Cancer Packet, a comfy pillow for the car and a tote bag of so many items I'd only later realize they were treasures. But, she didn't just pack me up and send me off. She stayed with me for the long haul with emails, phone calls and invitations to this Newly Diagnosed Support Group and so much more. She is a true professional, but she brings personal sensitivity, a healing touch to often weary souls as we make sense of the change in our lives and move forward to a fabulous future - in spite of and perhaps - because of our breast cancer experience. G H
I cannot tell you how much you helped me over the past few months. You have very special gifts and I am grateful you shared them with me. Thank you for listening and for being there. You have made a difference in my life. O M
Thank you for all the support, love and care you gave me and all of us these past few weeks/months. Our initial visit was very comforting to me. And the newly diagnosed group was wonderful. I feel truly blessed to have met you and the other women in our group. The acceptance of each other, no matter where we were, was reassuring. I feel safe to express many of the "negative" feelings that I choose not to express otherwise. All of the information provided was incredible. The pillows and post-surgery blouse were great. I'm still using my notebook for journaling. J M
Thank you for all of the information, counseling and emotional support during my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. I couldn't have faced it without you. D S
The compassion you offered and the information you gave me helped to fortify my fighting spirit. I'm grateful that my prognosis for the future is positive and I'm in this to win! What a comfort to know that so much tangible support is readily available! God Bless the BCRC. H G
It is hard to believe that I am coming up on the one year mark since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I often think back on those dark days of quiet desperation that I faced. In the past year, I found my way with the help of the Breast Cancer Resource Center. I often wonder if finding the BCRC was more than a coincidence. I believe that God had a hand in this. I was waiting to get a second opinion on the diagnosis when I saw a brochure for the BCRC. I took one thinking that maybe, I would call. I have hard time reaching out for help. Nonetheless, a couple of days later as I realized I needed more information and to talk with someone that may be more objective and know more than I knew, I called a left a message. Shortly thereafter, I set up a meeting with a Patient Navigator. After speaking to her for a short while, I knew I had made the right decision in seeking help. She was exactly the right person at the right time. She pointed me to information and brought me out of my darkness. When I explained how uncomfortable I was with the surgeons that I had seen, she encouraged me to seek a third opinion. My Patient Navigator also gave me valuable advice that helped me understand what I needed most at the time. She was at the hospital during my surgery and spoke to my husband. He tells me that she was like a ray of light to him since he was worried and concerned about my condition. She also met me at the office of the radiation oncologist. It was her quiet demeanor and thoughtful manner that gave me the confidence and courage to face the rest of the treatments. Later I, the person that always thought I was self-sufficient and could handle anything joined the support group led by another Patient Navigator. The opportunity to share my feelings and face my fears was invaluable. I learned a lot about myself and met some of the most wonderful and courageous people I know. In short, I believe the BCRC saved my life. I do not imagine where I would be today if BCRC had not been there for me a year ago. E Z
Thank you so much for your support when I went to see my doctor. You answered a lot of questions that I was worried about and I truly felt I had a friend through this character growing event. - M H Thank you so much for your support and kindness during my biopsy last Wednesday. When I got home that day, I broke down in tears after realizing how grateful I was that you were there to comfort and distract me. And because the procedure ended up being more painful than I expected, your presence kept me from going into a state of panic. Thank you for being there! D B
Because you've been through it too, I don't have to explain the antidote to abject fear and destructive ignorance that you are every day in your work life. Imagine your worst times. Now imagine that someone arms you with some much needed strength and brings back a measure of normal reality and sweet friendship to you as well. You do that for me and people like me every day. There are moments of my talks with you in the midst of my operating out of fear, anger and stress that I will never forget as long as I live, and you are this kind of balm for women and families every single day. You are a gift of God and a weapon against evil. We may all seem too many apocalyptic movie heroes to realize quickly enough that this kind of actual power and love for people does not necessarily come packaged with an iron breastplate, leather gloves and a customized Ferrari with twin bazookas. You may feel like just you, but trust me and probably a few hundred women on this. You are a heroine of magnitude. RD
I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for having you in my life, shining light on this difficult path and walking with me along this difficult journey. Thank you! D C
Recently my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Needless to say it was quite a shock and difficult to deal with. Last fall I'd met one of your Patient Navigators while I was a volunteer. I decided to call her. She spent an hour with me on the phone. She was extremely helpful, encouraging and so very patient. She explained so much and listened while I cried to her many, many times during our conversation. He comforting words and listening ear showed me that she truly cares. The information and resources that she provided were extremely helpful to my family. I have spoken to her several times since my Mom's surgery and she continues to be a great support. My Patient Navigator has been such a blessing. Her wisdom, kindness and knowledge have been supremely helpful to my family and I. The words "thank you" don't seem nearly adequate for all that she's done. S C
Just wanted to say how great it was to finally meet you. Thanks for making time for us on Friday. Your good counsel came at the perfect time. My sister will seek a second opinion with another surgeon. I loved your perspective on that decision - and all the job- and insurance-related issues. B B